SEO ROI Calculator

Want to know how increasing traffic to your site and improving conversion rates can improve your ROI? Use our ROI Calculator to find out.

We are often asked about the ROI of our services, especially SEO. It's a fair question and it’s important to understand how SEO contributes to your overall online success. The main goal of SEO is to attract the right people to your site. Local SEO goes a step further to ensure that people in your geographical location are more likely to find your website.

One of the key elements to this is keywords. Whether it is off-page or on-page, you want to utilize the best keywords (or keyword phrases), so that when people search for those keywords, they’ll find your site.

To get an idea of how SEO can provide ROI, plug some numbers into our calculator. It will give you an idea of what increasing site visitors and converting them can do for your bottom line.

To use this calculator, follow these steps:

  1. Number of Monthly Website Visitors: Determine the monthly number of website visitors you'd like to attract and enter it in the first box.
  2. Website Conversion Rate %: Enter the percentage of website visitors that convert. For example, what percentage of visitors fill out a form or call your office. Typically, this number is 2%-5%.
  3. Leads Generated Per Month: Leads Generated per Month will be calculated automatically for you.
  4. Your Website Lead to Client Conversion Rate %: Enter a lead to client conversion rate. For example, for every person you get to fill out a form or call your office, what percentage of them become clients?
  5. New Clients Per Month: This number will be generated automatically for you.
  6. Value Per New Client: Enter how much you earn from each sale, or input your customer lifetime value.
  7. Total New Client Value Per Month: This will be calculated automatically for you.

This is a general overview of how SEO can benefit a business. To learn about improving your SEO and increasing revenue for your company, let’s schedule a free strategy call. Click Here to get started.

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