Effective LinkedIn B2B Lead Generation Service

Connect with the right people on LinkedIn and convert them into leads.

How Our B2B Lead Generation for LinkedIn Works


Step One

Click the ‘Get Started’ button below, then provide some basic information about your target audience. We’ll follow up with you to schedule a strategy call and go over our process in more detail.

Step 2

During our strategy call, we’ll learn about your target audience and overall goals. We’ll then present you with a strategy for LinkedIn that will help generate leads.

Step 3

We reach out to your target audience to get them to connect and engage with you. We can also set up messaging campaigns to drive them to take an action.

Step 4

Watch your targeted connections grow and get more meetings.

Why Choose Engaged Digital?

We take the time to speak to you and learn about your goals. From the information we gather, we are able to put together a strategy to get you in front of your target audience.

First and foremost, we’re a marketing agency and we understand the process of acquiring and converting leads. Having a lot of connections on LinkedIn is great, but not if they aren’t your target audience. Your account manager at Engaged Digital will focus on building connections with your target audience and getting them to engage.

In addition to using personalized connection requests, we can set up message campaigns on your behalf, to get your targets to engage with you.

If used properly, the mail system built into LinkedIn can be a powerful tool.


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