Effective Instagram Growth Service

Grow your Instagram account steadily with targeted, real followers

Follow/Unfollow Features and Options

Automated Following

Engaged Digital will automatically follow users based on your preferences. Typically, when you follow someone, they’ll notice and follow you back. Get new targeted followers every day.

Automated Likes and/or Comments

We will automatically like images of users by targeting specific hashtags or by location. When these users see your likes, they are likely to reciprocate by liking or following you account.

Target by Gender or Type of Account

Engaged Digital’s service gives you the opportunity to target by femail, male or both. Additionally, you can choose to target business accounts, personal accounts or both. There are many other targeting options we can customize for you.

Automated Unfollowing

You can choose to automatically unfollow accounts don’t follow back, are are engaging with you or even all accounts that we follow. There is also the option to whitelist specific accounts, so that they are not unfollowed.

Geo Targeted Following

If you run a local business or want to target users in a specific location, we can set set up location targeting for your account. Location targeting is a great way to increase local exposure for your business.

Competitor Targeting

Know a competitor that does well on Instagram? Why not target their followers or accounts they are following.


Blacklist Certain Accounts

Are there specific accounts you don’t want your account to interact with? Just provide us with a list and we’ll make sure they are blacklisted for your account.

Target by Hashtags

Instagram is all about using hashtags. We’ll work with you to produce a targeted list of hashtags and then follow people using them on Instagram.



Step One

Click the ‘Get Started’ button on a plan below, then provide some basic information about your target audience. We’ll then be in touch to schedule a strategy call with you and collect more information.

Step 2

We set up a call to learn about your target market and goals. We then do our research and build you a custom growth strategy to build connections with relevant Instagram users.

Step 3

We engage with your target audience and get them to connect with you. Connections can be sent a call to action to drive them to your website or landing page.

Step 4

Growth begins. Sit back and watch your Instagram account grow naturally – every day!

Why Choose Engaged Digital?

We take the time to speak to you and learn about your goals with Instagram. From the information we gather, we are able to put together a strategy for growing your account that fits into your overall strategy with social media and beyond.

Engaged Digital is not going to offer you free Instagram¬† likes or free Instagram followers instantly. It takes time and focus to build the ‘right’ community. We’re a marketing agency and understand that it’s not about the quantity of followers. It’s about the quality. Your account manager at Engaged Digital will focus on building you an Instagram community that will be engaging and actually serve a purpose for your business or brand.

We also provide messaging to new followers or even your current followers, at your request. If you build a community, you should be engaging with them and we can help get your message out.

Don’t Buy Instagram Followers!

You’ve probably seen ads offering 10,000 followers for $35 or free likes. Those types of services will not help your business at all. In fact, they may actually harm your brand in the long run.

Get Real Instagram Followers

What’s the purpose of having a large number of followers if they aren’t ‘real’? That’s called a vanity account and it really has no business purpose. Real followers will interact with your account and will often take action, such as clicking on a link to your site in a direct message. Real Instagram followers have value!



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