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Is Social Media Doing Anything For Your Business?

Engaged Digital started out as a social media agency. We understand how to use social media to grow your business. Social Media Marketing is an extremely effective way to promote and market your brand and it offers a great return on investment, if used correctly. With social media, your business has the ability to engage with people all over the world or even with people in your own backyard. The challenge many businesses face is that they don’t have the time, resources or experience to manage their social accounts effectively. With the rise in social media activity and potential influence it has for brands, your company needs to be active on the right social media networks to survive. But, just being on social media isn’t enough. You need to use social media the correct way. Engaged Digital will manage your company’s social media activities and allow you to focus on running your business. We stay current on effective strategies and use the most advanced tools to guarantee successful campaigns.

Social Media Is A Tool

It’s important to understand how to use social media for business.

What We Do


Social Media Audit

We start off by auditing your social media accounts to determine if there are areas for improvement. We then help you optimize them to make sure your target audience can find you and get a clear understanding of how your company can help them. This includes researching keywords, your competition and the type of content your target audience is most likely to consume. We’ll also take a look at the images on all of your social profiles, as well as your website, to make sure there is consistent branding.

Social Media Strategy

When putting together your marketing strategy, we will determine the best social media network(s) for your business, the optimal posting schedule and perform an analysis of your competition, your target audience and best performing keywords for your industry. We then put a plan together that ties in to your other marketing activities as part of a cohesive system.


Content Posting

Engaged Digital will post to the best social media networks for your business and the optimal times to maximize engagement from your fans. We use your content, as well as curated content that is specific to your industry and include hashtags and attribution to help expand the reach of each post. We also continuously monitor the effectiveness of the posts and make adjustments when necessary. Posts with links to your blog or landing pages/lead magnets are used to drive prospects into your marketing funnel.

Social Media Marketing

Published content is one way we generate leads for your business, but we take it a step further and proactively connect with your ideal clients to generate leads. Our social media outreach is designed to get conversations started and build interest in your product or service. It starts on social media, but the goal is to get these leads off of social media and into your sales process flow.

Do You Know Which Social Platform is Best For Your Business?


We offer social media account growth services for many types of businesses. We focus on the following platforms.


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