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We provide custom digital marketing plans, based on your business goals!
about engaged digital marketing

What We Believe In

As a marketing agency in Seattle, we are surrounded by a thriving startup scene, as well as a variety of established companies like Microsoft, Starbucks, Amazon, Moz and Costco, to name a few. With all of this diversity, we have learned to approach each company differently. We take our time to do the proper research and determine what is the best plan of action for each client. Each marketing plan is specific to each client and that helps us maximize our efforts, as well as provide the best ROI.

About the Founder

Kurt Lohmann

Kurt Lohmann


As the Founder of Engaged Digital, Kurt works with companies to build marketing systems that increase brand presence and overall sales. His knowledge and experience cover a variety of industries and technologies, and he knows how to develop effective strategies to achieve positive ROI.

Engaged Digital is Kurt’s 3rd company to launch. He loves being an entrepreneur and helping other business owners reach their goals.

our core values

Our Values

No Cookie Cutter 'System'
We don’t believe in a “one size fits all” approach to marketing. We learn about your business and your target audience to deliver custom marketing strategies that work for YOU.
We understand that you may not need all of our services right now. We can present you with both short term and long term plans that allow you to add additional services when needed.
At Engaged Digital, we always take the high road. A main part of that is being upfront and honest. We are in it for the long term and will never do anything that may hurt our business relationships, just for a short term gain.

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