social media management for small business

Our Services

At Engaged Digital Marketing, we build and manage Digital Marketing Systems to help you reach your goals.  These ‘systems’ can include many components, depending out our clients’ specific needs.  We don’t take a canned, one-size-fits-all approach. Each client is unique and has unique needs, so we learn as much as we can through discovery and research and build out the most effective system for them.

small business and social media

Social Media Marketing

Your company needs to be active on social media. This includes posting valuable content to the right social networks at the right time and frequency, in order to attract your target audience. Engaged Digital works with you to determine the who, what, when and where and then we build a strategy to connect with the right people and drive them into your sales/marketing funnel.

Social Media Lead Generation

Along with the content we post for your business, we use a social media outreach process to get conversations started with your desired target audience. We then work to move these new leads into your marketing funnel.

social media management for small business
social media marketing funnel

Marketing Funnels


We refer to our marketing funnels as social media marketing funnels.  Each client has different goals and we build custom funnels in order to reach them.  We use social media lead generation, social media content and advertising on the right social networks to get prospects to a landing page and fill out a form in exchange for something of value (lead magnet). These prospects are then dropped into a marketing automation tool that we set up and manage.  From here, Engaged Social will set up email marketing campaigns to nurture leads until they convert.