lead generation

Lead Generation

Social Lead Generation

Leads are the fuel that feeds a business’ growth engine, but a lead generation process needs to be part of a bigger system to be efficient and effective.  We don’t take a ‘one size fits all’ approach – we formulate a lead generation strategy for each client, ensuring that our plan fits into your overall business goals.

Social networks are the fastest and most cost effective way to generate leads for your business.  Period.  LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook are all great channels that we utilize for lead generation and they have proven to provide a great ROI.

How We Do It

We start off by developing a lead generation plan based on your goals and then create buyer personas representative of your ideal clients. We use social media outreach, content publishing, lead magnets, calls-to-action, and personalized messaging to get conversations started and/or drive prospects into the sales/marketing funnel we have created for you.  These prospects will be nurtured and guided through your funnel, the end result being qualified leads.  This entire process is part of the overall campaign we build for your business and it is continuously monitored and adjusted to improve its performance.